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Belle Ile - Grand Plage

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Belle Ile

Belle Ile is about 20km long by about 9km wide. These are its extreme points and, at times, it seems a lot smaller! There are four main towns although only Le Palais is big enough to describe thus. Sauzon is the size of a small fishing village and Bangor/Locamaria are both smaller than many hamlets!

The island is full of hidden creeks, little beaches called "ports", coastal paths,...get your bike out or see the island by car, or even better - on horseback! Anything is possible. Gustave Courbet and Claude Monet were two of the islands most famous residents. Sarah Bernhardt owned a house at Pointe de Poulains. The island owes its international reputation to these famous artists.


Belle Ile is relatively undiscovered by the British and most of those that already go tend to get there by sailng boats. This is primarily a French holiday retreat which can be great if you wish to avoid lots of other Brits.

Le Palais is a lively town and port. Lots of bustling activity and a market which is open every day for fresh fish and vegetables. A wide range of restaurants and interesting buildings make it a lovely place to explore. On top of this - literally- is the Citadelle Vauban. A clifftop fort which houses a magnificent museum as well as a very nice restaurant and bar.

Le Palais Harbour Citadelle Vauban Harbour from the Citadelle

The second town of Belle Ile both picturesque and interesting.
Bangor & Locamaria

The other two towns on the island of Belle Ile.
Locmaria The Big Lighthouse Locmaria
Other Points of Interest
Sara Bernhards House Pointe de Poulains Pointe de Poulains
Port Coton
  La Citadelle